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Mission and Vision

Our Mission statement:

The Times Group endeavors to bridge the gap among countries, people, business and technology

  • To bring together people and places through services quality and commitment.
  • To help forge a strong relationship the world over and to deliver outstanding services on a global perspective.
  • To conduct business with honesty and integrity. The Groups philosophy is that of respect and appreciation for those who are  associated with companies, comprising the Group.
  • To share the fruits of prosperity, as the Times Group succeeds, with employees and the communities it serves.

The Groups Corporate Philosophy:

  • The member companies in the Group are in the respective field of business for meeting and satisfying the precise needs of their clients.
  • The member companies shall, at all times, endeavor to make every dealing pleasant and fulfilling.
  • Each member company is respectful towards its clients and nurtures a relationship that is mutually rewarding.
  • The member companies of the group maintains the highest level of integrity when dealing with their respective clients.
  • The Group always strives to infuse the substance to the corporate slogan: 'Lets serve you better'.